High School Student

Welcome! Delaware offers several options for high school students who are interesting becoming a Delaware teacher!

The K-12 Teacher Academy program of study is a three (3) and six (6) course CTE program that prepares students for careers in elementary and secondary education. Observation opportunities in a variety of age and discipline settings, as well as special needs and non-classroom settings, provide practical experiences while enriching the learning. Students participate in a long-term placement during their senior year that allows for in-depth experiences in a classroom setting.

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Advanced Coursework/credit

You can graduate high school with college credits already under your belt. Here’s how to take advantage: 

  • Completing the Teacher Academy includes either 3 or 6 courses, with local colleges and universities providing for up to 12 articulating credits depending on the institution:
    • Delaware State University – may award up to 15 credits
      • up to 9 articulated credits
      • up to 6 dual enrollment credits
    • Delaware Tech – up to 3 credits
    • University of Delaware – up to 12 credits
    • Wilmington University – up to 24 credits
      • 6 articulated credits
      • 6 dual enrollment credits
      • 12 credits available thru Early College Credit
  • Earning your paraprofessional certification.

You can also earn early college opportunities for high school students in each Delaware Institute of Higher Education.

ProgramDescriptionStudent RequirementsCost
DSU- Early Bird ProgramThe Early Bird Program is for juniors and seniors attending high school in the State of Delaware who wish to earn college credit while still attending high school during the Fall and/or Spring. Early Bird applicants may enroll for no more than six (6) credit hours per semester.Recommendation of HS principal or counselor; Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better$293 a credit + $105 fees + $360 in extra fees prorated by # of credit hours. HS GPA of 3.0 or better = 6 hours of free tuition per semester.
WilmU- Early College CreditDelaware high school juniors and seniors can take college classes and earn transferable college credits. Courses are offered at WillmU campuses and online. Courses include a select list of introductory level courses with little or no prerequisites that are highly transferable.GPA of 2.7, 83 or better high school average, B or better grades in your high school courses$32 a credit + $25 registration free + books= ~$100-150 per course
UD- Early College Credit ProgramParticipating Delaware public, charter and private high schools can offer academically qualified juniors and seniors up to five UD general education courses. Courses are taught by UD faculty and include both UD undergraduates and high school students. Courses are delivered 2-3 times a week via interactive online streaming to HS classrooms. All courses count towards University Breadth Requirements as part of Elementary Teacher Education Degree. Recommendation of a high school official; GPA of 3.6 or above; Minimum SAT or PSAT score of 600 verbal and 600 math; Successful completion of and solid grades in rigorous high school classes, such as AP, honors, or IB classes$0