Financial Help

Delaware offers a wide variety of financial assistance to anyone who wants to be a teacher! From high school students to superintendents, you can find scholarships, grants and loan forgiveness programs that will assist you as you earn your first certification, add additional certifications, work towards a graduate degree, or become a building or district leader.

The Delaware Office of Higher Education offers multiple types of financial support. Choose of the the topics below to learn more:


High School Student
  • SEED: 6 semesters of tuition at DTCC or UD Associates of Arts Program
  • Inspire: 8 semesters of tuition at DSU
  • Local and national scholarships for high school students entering postsecondary education, such as PELL grants, and the Delaware Scholarship Incentive Program
  • Loan ForgivenessVarious institutional scholarships and financial incentives are available, including UD scholarships ranging from $500-$2,000 per year and Wilmington University College of Education Scholarship for $5,000 (non-renewable) 
Students in a Educator Preparation Program


Current Teachers

Career Changers