Financial Help

Delaware offers a wide variety of financial assistance to anyone who wants to be a teacher! From high school students to superintendents, you can find scholarships, grants and loan forgiveness programs that will assist you as you earn your first certification, add additional certifications, work towards a graduate degree, or become a building or district leader.

The Delaware Office of Higher Education offers multiple types of financial support. Choose of the the topics below to learn more:


High School Student

Students in a Educator Preparation Program

  • Early Childhood Interim Scholarship Program – Pays the coursework and assessment fees for CDA Scholars or tuition and class fees for early childhood professionals attending a college/university. Early Childhood professionals can earn early childhood credits working toward any of the following:
    • Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential
    • Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Currently Certified Teachers

Career Changers

Service Members, and Veterans

In addition to all of the above financial resources, service members and veterans can take advantage of additional resources.