Current Teachers

Delaware teachers enjoy many different ways to grow professionally. From additional trainings to becoming the leaders of tomorrow, if you are interested in advancing your career then you can find a program to support you.

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Additional Training

Visit the Professional Data Management System (PDMS) to see the latest trainings. A login is needed.

Advanced Degrees

Delaware teachers have several options to help them work toward several advanced degrees. For more information, download Graduate Level Salary Increment Information, or visit the Graduate Salary Increases page.

Use these links to explore what these Institutes of Higher Education offer:

Adding Certifications

Through Alternative Routes to Certification (ARTC) programs, current teacher are able to add additional certifications. For more information, download the Applying for Additional Certifications flyer. Learn more about ARTC Add-On Certificate Programs.

Use these links to explore what these Institutes of Higher Education offer:

Becoming a School Leader/Administrator

Delaware recognizes teachers are the leaders of tomorrow. Through multiple induction programs and supports for both new and current administrators, aspiring leaders will find the help needed to be successful. Download this flyer for more information, Delaware State-Approved Alternative Administration Certification Programs, or visit Department of Education School Leadership News. Also please refer to the list of programs below:

Explore what these Institutes of Higher Education offer:

Teachers Certified in Other States

Delaware welcomes teachers from other states and countries. Please refer to these links for more information: