Professional Learning

Delaware Invests in Great Teachers and Leaders

The First State offers programs, resources, and professional development based on educator needs as assessed in the educator evaluation to ensure educators are well-prepared to deliver a world-class education. These identified needs are an integral part of the differentiated professional learning plan.

Comprehensive Induction Program

Delaware is committed to ensuring that all new educators in the State of Delaware receive full professional and personal support as they develop the essential knowledge, skills and experience that will result in a high quality education for all of Delaware’s students, notably those taught by novice teachers.  Our mission is to provide the necessary framework, resources, and support to enable and empower all Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to develop and implement a local Comprehensive Induction Program tailored to the needs of new teachers and aligned with state and local initiatives.  To learn more about the support that you will receive as a novice teacher in the State of Delaware, please visit here.

Delaware Education Support System (DESS)

DESS is the overarching program that provides resources that Delaware educators can use to reflect upon and continuously improve their instructional strategies and practice. DESS encourages teachers to consider various domains that determine their effectiveness with the goal of aligning their professional learning and student achievement.

Subject-Specific Professional Learning

Delaware offers subject-specific resources for educators to ensure effectiveness and alignment with the common core standards. A prime example of Delaware’s subject-specific professional learning is the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Project. The TELL project is a professional learning framework designed specifically to enhance the effectiveness of world language teachers.

Data-informed Instruction

Delaware has progressed in its ability to utilize data to inform school improvement. Data coaches have been deployed to facilitate data-driven instruction, particularly during weekly 90-minute professional learning community planning sessions. Delaware is also ramping up its use of performance appraisal insights to guide professional learning for schools and educators.

Innovative Schools, Delaware Leadership Project

The Delaware Leadership Project is a new aspiring principals preparation program designed to produce highly qualified, rigorously trained leaders for the state’s most high-needs schools. It is modeled after the NYC Leadership Academy’s nationally recognized Aspiring Principals program. It is also an alternate route to principal certification. Learn more.