Living in Delaware

The Diamond State, also nicknamed The Small Wonder, provides its residents with a rich experience of both urban and country living—all within a 96-mile stretch (two-hour drive) from one end of the state to the other. Enjoy 26 miles of beautiful beaches in southern Delaware, sightseeing and other outdoor activities in northern Delaware, and museums and historical war sites in the state capital, Dover, located in central Delaware. View the Official Delaware Travel Guide to learn more, or plan a trip!

Things to Do

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What’s Nearby

  • From Dover in central Delaware you can get to:
    • Philadelphia (90 min.)
      • Philadelphia International Airport (72 min.)
    • Washington DC (120 min.)
    • Baltimore (108 min.)
      • Baltimore-Washington International Airport (98 min.)
  • Wilmington Amtrak Station (52 min.)