Living in Delaware

The Small Wonder

The Diamond State, also nicknamed The Small Wonder, provides its residents with a rich experience of both urban and country living—all within a 96-mile stretch (two-hour drive) from one end of the state to the other. Enjoy 26 miles of beautiful beaches in southern Delaware, sightseeing and other outdoor activities in northern Delaware, and museums and historical war sites in the state capital, Dover, located in central Delaware. Learn more.

Financial Rewards

Not only do residents enjoy tax-free shopping, they also benefit from some of the lowest housing costs in the nation. Homes in Dover, DE are 66% less expensive than in Washington, DC, 71% less than in Brooklyn, NY, 37% less than in Philadelphia, PA, and 41% less than in Baltimore, MD. See how far your dollar can stretch in Delaware with this cost of living calculator.

Working in Delaware

A Visionary Culture:

Delaware’s public education system is guided by a clear vision to avail a world-class education to every one of its 138,000 students, so that each will graduate ready for college and career, free to choose his or her life’s course.

A Collaborative Culture:

Much of Delaware’s K-12 progress can be directly attributed to its strong culture of collaboration. From its move to statewide “professional learning communities” (PLCs) in 2010, to its 2013 Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning (TELL) Delaware survey, Delaware has demonstrated the ability to leverage its small size to bring diverse stakeholders together and accelerate progress toward a unified vision of success.

A Professional Culture:

Delaware values its educators and their feedback. This is evidenced by the  (TELL) Delaware survey in which most educators reported feeling respected for their skill and expertise.

This high regard for K-12 educators and their input is also demonstrated by Delaware’s educator evaluation system, which maintains a standard of high expectations, informs professional development, and is 1. Fair, 2. Transparent, 3. Easy to understand, and 4. Respectful of the education profession.

The Delaware Talent Cooperative goes a step further toward creating a culture of professionalism by compensating highly-effective educators up to $15,000 over two years for leveraging their expertise with students who need them most.

Download this excerpt from a Regional Guide to Delaware: Teaching in Delaware; Living in Delaware (PDF) to learn more.