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Providence Creek Academy is a charter school: which is a tuition free alternative to a traditional public school. At PCA we focus on Academics, Athletics, and the Arts for kindergarten through 8th grade.

Our teachers educate the whole child. The goal of the staff is not just teaching your child subject matter, it’s educating your child to become a better citizen inside and outside of the classroom. We believe in a disciplined climate and high expectations for our children. Our staff has strong relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and administration; this approach promotes helpful interactions that positively affect our community. PCA is a close-knit family in which communication is constant and always evolving.

Providence Creek Academy offers a unique approach to the application of Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies. We combine academics and citizenship to educate the whole child. Providence Creek Academy has developed endless academic opportunities for a diverse student population.

Our staff encourages inquiry-based learning which facilitates critical thinking skills. High academic achievement, character development, and technology promote a climate for learning.