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The Prestige Academy Charter School was created to offer a tuition-free, public middle school opportunity to students in Wilmington and surrounding Delaware communities. Prestige Academy prepares young men in grades 5-8 for admission to and success in demanding college preparatory high schools.  In order to address the severe academic under performance and low college matriculation rates of boys from these communities, the school offers a highly rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum supported by a structured school culture. The astounding number of young men of color who are lost each year to senseless violence, imprisonment, and substandard employment appears to increase with each year gone by. This simply does not have to be. Excuses can be made, and ideas can be debated, yet a quality education continues to be a young man’s best chance for a real future. In 2001 The Schott Foundation for Public Education commissioned research on the education gender gap to update data on the progress of girls. In the process, they discovered that k-12 female students were making significant progress and that males were performing less well. The facts that were most shocking revealed alarming data on Black male students showing under-achievement on every school-related factor. This is a matter that can no longer go un-addressed.

Prestige Academy Charter School is the first and only all-boys middle school in the first state, Delaware. In a highly structured, achievement-oriented school culture, Prestige Academy students develop a strong academic foundation in the core subjects and the real values necessary for success: Respect and Responsibility, Excellence in Behavior, Academic Mastery, and Leadership.

The Prestige Academy opened its doors to 103 fifth graders in 2008. We expanded one grade per year and currently serve approximately 300 boys in grades five through eight. Students receive targeted tutoring and academic support focused on individual needs throughout the week and two Saturdays per month. Students also receive formal instruction in art and physical education and also participate in other enrichment activities.

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