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Positive Outcomes Charter School, located in Camden, Delaware, was founded in 1996 and provides educational opportunities for students who have experienced academic difficulty in a traditional school setting. For the past twelve years, we have served children from throughout the state of Delaware.

Our school is unique.  There are not many schools in the entire country doing what we are doing.  However, we feel, that the work we do is so important to the lives of our students.

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for students to learn in a safe, caring, respectful environment, where their individuality is valued and their individual needs are addressed. Positive Outcomes Charter School develops graduates who are self-reliant citizens that are lifelong learners who contribute with integrity within their community.

Now 132 graduates of Positive Outcomes Charter School are living, working, and going to college in Delaware and nearby states.

The staff at Positive Outcomes Charter School has seen many changes in the last three years. We are younger, have more energy, and have accepted many new ideas for improving our students’ educational experience. The staff at Positive Outcomes Charter School has embraced the opportunity to change not only the lives of students at Positive Outcomes Charter School, but also reached out to improve the lives of high-needs students throughout Delaware who continue to lag in reaching their goals of independence.

As we move forward our community will continue a student centered, future based education enabling our students to be self-reliant, lifelong learners and contribute with integrity in their community. Positive Outcomes Charter School will continue to work at improving the educational experience for your student.