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The POLYTECH School District is a public school district in Kent County, Delaware, United States. This district aims to provide the highest quality learning experience through the incorporation of applied learning and the integration of academic and technical content.
The POLYTECH School District’s vision is that all students will develop skills necessary for:
  1. Self-improvement and further learning;
  2. Entry or advancement into their chosen career field;
  3. Adaptability in later employment in recognized occupations; and
  4. Post-secondary education. The district serves high school and adult learners through a full-time comprehensive high school and a variety of adult education programs.

The POLYTECH School District is comprised of a fully comprehensive, technically oriented high school and an adult education program serving Kent County, Delaware. 

Vocational-technical schools today have enormous pressure to keep pace with the changing technology and demands of the workplace. Educating students for the highly skilled workforce of tomorrow requires the purchase of expensive, advanced technological equipment as well as more intensive academic and career instruction. To meet the challenge, Delaware’s vocational-technical school districts established an educational foundation to obtain supplemental financial support for reforming, enriching, supplementing, and strengthening programs and services.