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The Milford School District is a school district located in Milford, Delaware. This district aims to ensure that all students receive a comprehensive, personalized and quality education in a safe, supportive learning environment where students can gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that will enable each of them to achieve success in their life pursuits. This district works strives to insure that all of its students are offered a challenging educational opportunity that prepares them for college or the field of work. Parents should expect nothing less from their children. This district will continue to work towards ongoing improvement and communication throughout the school year.

The Milford School District consists of 1 preschool, 3 primary schools, and 2 secondary schools.

The Milford School District has been a member of the Milford community for almost 85 years! This district is extremely proud of the many students who have gone through its educational system and continue to be excited about the opportunity to serve current and future students.