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Kuumba Academy’s aims to provide an innovative learning environment focused on the whole child, with admissions starting in Kindergarten and expanding to Seventh grade in 2014-2015. Kuumba Academy directors, staff, and parents share a core belief that parents are the primary educators of their children. Our parents, in partnership with teachers and administrators, believe that every child can maximize his or her learning potential given the opportunity to do so. Kuumba Academy envisions an educational setting where its primary focus is on the development of each student’s potential for learning. Our teachers believe that every child can excel given the proper motivation, caring environment, and community involvement. Kuumba’s curriculum integrates individualized learning and social growth with academics, the arts, technology, foreign language, and exposure to world cultures.

Kuumba Academy Charter School is a public school located in Wilmington, DE. It’s the only elementary school in the Kuumba Academy Charter School.Kuumba Academy Charter School operates fromAugust 22 to June 5. It serves 260 students from kindergarten to 6th grade, and has an overall student-to-teacher ratio of 11:1. In addition to standard statewide class curriculum, Kuumba Academy Charter School offers gifted and talented classes. Special education programs are available at this school.

Kuumba Academy Charter School has been reviewed 3 times, receiving an average rating of 5 out of 5. Learning in an urban setting within Wilmington’s Creative District exposes Kuumba Academy students to a diverse world, with the opportunity to engage in rigorous learning inside the classroom and community. Through fieldwork and community partnerships with accomplished artists and business leaders, Kuumba Academy students are broadening their horizons. A focus on heritage and self-expression helps students build pride from the inside out.