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The purpose of the Great Oaks Charter School – Wilmington (GO-WIL) is to prepare students to succeed in college. GO-WIL opened in 2015, serving Grade 6. At scale, it will serve Grades 6-12.

At Great Oaks Charter School –Wilmington, we believe that every child can succeed. What makes us unique?

Individualized Instruction: Every student receives at least two hours of small group or one-on-one tutoring every day, delivered by our full-time Tutor Corps.

Unrelenting Focus on College Readiness: Every student at Great Oaks Charter School –Wilmington, knows that his or her goal is to graduate from college.

More Time on Task: The school day and year is significantly longer than those of the surrounding district schools.

Character Development: We actively develops character traits through a school culture that reinforces our core values.

Family Engagement: Our Executive Director, teachers, tutors and administrators engage in frequent parent outreach to make sure that parents’ voices are heard and incorporated into the school’s decision-making process.

The Great Oaks Tutor Corps recruits the best and brightest college graduates from across the country to dedicate a year of service to urban students. During their one-year commitment, tutors work full-time, providing one-on-one and small group instruction to Great Oaks Charter School students.