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Gateway Lab School
Gateway Lab School, Wilmington Human Resources 

Gateway Lab School (GLS) currently operates as a charter school authorized by the Delaware Department of Education. GLS, modeled on the Lab School of Washington D.C. was granted its charter in 2011 and continues to be managed by an Operating Governing Board and By-Laws, as established within the prescribed guidelines in the DDOE Regulations for Charter Schools.

Gateway Lab School is located at 2501 Centerville Road, Wilmington, Delaware. Gateway Lab School was granted a charter modification in fiscal year 2014 to use the Alternative Framework for Assessment, taking effect FY 2015. The Alternative Framework will more equitably assess the growth of Gateway’s unique population.

Gateway currently serves 208 students in grades Third through Eighth. Our student population is 64.4% White, 26.4% African American, 6.7% Hispanic, 1.4% Asian, 0.5% American Indian, and 0.5% Multi-racial. 27.9% of our student population is considered “low-income.” 58.7% of our student population is classified as Special Education students.

Gateway Lab School serves students in grades 3-8 that are struggling to achieve academic success in a traditional classroom environment and learn differently, have the capacity to achieve academic success and to realize individual learning potential.

The teachers and staff of Gateway Lab School are committed to developing a sense of inquiry and love of learning in each student. This is accomplished by focusing on providing interventions in the areas of reading, oral and written language, math and motor skills. The social studies and humanities areas of study is supplemented through the Academic Club Method™ developed at the Lab School of Washington®, which provides a unique program that incorporates art, music, drama and hands-on learning experiences.

Gateway Lab School has demonstrated continuous incremental gains over the past three years related to the percent of students meeting growth goals in the areas of Math and ELA as measured by the Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS). The SY 2014 gain in math (19%) even outpaced the previous year’s gain in ELA (11%).

A noted strength of Gateway Lab School is the ethic of constant improvement that permeates all levels from the Board of Directors to the faculty. To this end, the administration, with the board’s encouragement, sought a Comprehensive School Review (CSR) through the Delaware Academy for School Leadership, University of Delaware, to identify and address the needs of the school and its students.

The findings of the CSR specifically recognized, “a positive school environment that supports students’ emotional and social needs.” The administration of Gateway Lab School has ensured that all classroom teachers received extensive training in the Responsive ClassroomTM model.

The board acknowledges that implementing the Responsive Classroom model with fidelity as specified in the charter has led to the creation of this positive environment. The administration also conducts weekly student assemblies to build community and character values. Staff and students have embraced the “Gladiator Values” of honor, loyalty, truth and courage to address conflict resolution and bullying. Gateway continues its commitment to address the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral goals of each student in an integrated approach.