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School Mission:

Established in 2015 and serving grades 8-12, Freire Charter School Wilmington provides a college-preparatory learning experience with a focus on individual freedom, critical thinking, and problem solving in an environment that emphasizes the values of community, teamwork, and nonviolence.

About the school:

Building off two high-performing schools in Philadelphia, Freire expanded in 2015 to bring its educational model to serve students in Wilmington, DE and the surrounding suburbs. Students achieve high academic results thanks to a school culture that takes a holistic approach to supporting the needs of our kids in a 100% safe environment.  Beyond the classroom with its emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences, Freire supports our students with peer mediators, academic advisors, and college counselors. We also offer a variety of sports, arts, and other extra-curricular activities

Over the past 16 years, Freire Schools have won local, state, and national awards for academic excellence. Freire truly provides a college preparatory education, including a rigorous focus on the core academic subjects of English, math, science, and social studies. Critical thinking and discussion are prioritized. In higher grades, students are able to take AP and other advanced courses.