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EastSide Charter School serves 480 students in Pre-K through 8th grade. It has become a model for successful academic turnaround in Wilmington, Delaware. EastSide believes that every student deserves access to a high quality education and it specializes in helping its students meet academic growth goals while preparing them for future success. EastSide’s commitment to its students begins right from the start, and its academic standards and extra-curricular experiences help mold young children into responsible, socially conscious adolescents by the time they graduate 8th grade. The vision of EastSide Charter School is to develop and sustain an academic community in which every direct stakeholder – teachers and staff, students and their parents – consistently model lifelong learning, selflessness, and self-respect.

EastSide is truly committed to empowering all students to understand who they are and their role in the world as a means of helping them develop the academic skills and habits, self-confidence, and self and social awareness needed to achieve success in their personal and professional lives. EastSide’s commitment and culture pushes students to strive for excellence, succeed with integrity, and soar beyond expectations. 

EastSide is located adjacent to the low income neighborhoods of East Lake and Riverside of northeast Wilmington. Approximately 87% of EastSide’s students qualify for federally-funded free or reduced cost meals while approximately 77% of our students have made sufficient academic growth according to Department of Education indicators. EastSide was the first charter school in the country to be founded in cooperation with a public housing authority, and located within its property; it was also the first elementary charter in Delaware.

Summer Enrichment Program
EastSide Charter School has received a $200,000 grant to host an all-day summer enrichment program from June 15 to August 7 from 8:00am-3:30pm. This camp will last for 8 weeks, and it will offer both academic enrichment and extra-curricular activities in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, Teach for America and The University of Delaware.

EastSide Named 2015 Superstar in Education
EastSide Charter School is proud to announce that it is named as one of the Delaware Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Superstars in Education for its innovative teacher coaching and evaluation framework.

EastSide Named Top Workplace
EastSide Charter School is named as one of Delaware’s top workplaces by the News Journal. This would not have been possible without the staff who participated in the survey and continuously make EastSide such a wonderful academic and professional environment.