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Welcome to Delmar! On behalf of the residents of Delmar, we welcome you to our community. In “The Little Town Too Big For One State,” you will find that we are a friendly little town, unique in many ways.

Delmar straddles the Delaware and Maryland borders in southwest Delaware, making it a key point of the Mason-Dixon Line. Delmar is in both Sussex County, Delaware and Wicomico County, Maryland. Founded in 1859 as a Railroad town, we remain proud of our roots. We proudly display our 1929 Penna Railroad caboose and our 19th century highball, the last remaining in this country.

Recognized as the official beginning of the Mason-Dixon Line (1763-1767), the Cornerstone and Midpoint Marker of that famous survey is located just 6.5 miles west of town on Rt. 54. Set in 1768, this is the No.1 Marker of the “Mason Dixon Line”. The Mason-Dixon line is a prominent historical fact in Delaware, since it forms the western and southern boundaries of the state. It wasn’t until the Delaware Railroad reached the Maryland Border in 1859 that the town, one of the rare U.S. communities divided by state lines, was born and named after its two mother states.

While we still remain a small town, we are experiencing tremendous growth, both residentially and commercially. However, despite the growth, Delmar still has that unique appeal that only a small community can offer. Our bi-state school district services students who live in Delmar, Delaware and Delmar, Maryland.  Whether you are seeking a new place to call home or you are just passing through; we welcome you to our “Little Town.”  Our  comprehensive school system spans grades 5-12, with over 1300 students across the two schools:  Delmar Middle School and Delmar High School.  Delmar is located about 30 miles from nearby beaches in both Maryland and Delaware; 2 hours from Philadelphia, PA; Washington, D.C.; and Baltimore, MD.; 4 hours from New York City, NY; and 3 hours from Virginia Beach, VA.

Our overall mission is to inspire our students to enjoy lifelong learning so that they are not only college and career ready, but well-rounded to accept the challenges of a globally competitive society.  Annually, academically, our students’ testing performance rank among the highest-ranked schools in the state on the statewide comprehensive assessment system.   Vocationally, our district provides career and technical education pathways in the fields of agriculture, finance, and technology while sponsoring an on-site Jobs for Delaware Graduates program.  Delmar Middle offers a Springboard Pre-AP Enrichment program as well as enrollment in our county-wide Academic Challenge program.  With a full suite of academic opportunities, Delmar High offers advanced AP, Dual Enrollment, and Honors courses in all core content areas as well as on-site college courses in Spanish and Photography.   In terms of the Arts, our students have opportunities from AP Art to Marching Band and Chorus.  Athletically, our Varsity sports teams regularly compete and win Division Championships in the Henlopen South Conference as well as the DIAA State Championship competitions.  The Delmar School District’s Wildcats are known most for their comprehensive level of excellence and their community and parental support of its educational system.