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Brandywine School District schools are located around Northern New Castle County, Delaware, just 20 miles south of Philadelphia. Current enrollment is 10,700+ students in 15 school buildings. It is the Brandywine School District’s vision to educate all students to their full potential so that each student may excel in the world community and develop a passion for life-long learning. Our district strives to foster a culture of academic excellence, including high academic expectations for all. We believe it is vital to offer challenging curricula across grades K-12, as well as employ highly effective educators and provide training for all employees to create strong leaders, teachers, and support staff. We aim to groom our district’s students for the future by tailoring instruction to their needs, giving them every opportunity to master rigorous curriculum and getting involved in co-curricular activities, intervening early and providing help to those students who need it, and developing students’ talents/character by encouraging them. We carefully monitor our progress and learn from our successes. We also ensure that our tests align with what is being taught. We continue to strive in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our district operations.

The Brandywine School District recognizes that safe learning environments are necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards. This district strives to provide safe learning environments for all students and all employees. Our district’s schools consist of state-of-the art buildings, technology labs, school libraries, and classrooms. Parents and additional groups are highly involved in our district. Our district has a supportive and dedicated office staff, along with ongoing opportunities for professional development. This district is ideal in the sense that it offers a highly competitive pay scale, and it is also near recreational and vacation opportunities in PA, MD, and NJ. This district is also in proximity to several colleges and universities

The Brandywine School District has come a long way and has proved that it is a district with a lot to offer. Some of its accomplished offerings include college and career readiness programs, an international baccalaureate program, full-time gifted program for grades K-8, STEM education for grades K-12, specialized autism program grades K-12, AP test offerings, strings program for grades K-12, fine arts and drama, competitive athletic programs with an emphasis on sportsmanship, volunteerism, and community service.