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The Academy of Dover Charter School is a free public charter school for students in grades K-5.  At the Academy of Dover Charter School each child is a valued and unique individual. The educational process is student centered and achieved by partnerships involving students, parents, and staff where each child embraces the love, joy, and value of education.

Our Beliefs-

  • Each child can develop the confidence, skills and interests to become lifelong learners.
  • Education is student centered and provides each child with the opportunity to maximize his/her potential by being provided with quality instruction.

We provide a school that is positive, safe, purposeful, and productive.  The mission of the Academy of Dover is to open portals of opportunity for children and adults in the community through excellence in public education.  Academy of Dover was recognized as a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School for Exemplary Closing of the Achievement Gap and a 2016 Recognition School from the Department of Education.

Academy of Dover believes that our small school environment, which is characterized by rigorous academic and behavioral standards, high expectations for students and staff, individualized responsiveness to student needs, and a never ending passion for learning, will prepare each of our students with the early foundation necessary to excel both academically and globally in any future endeavor.

To insure that the students of the Academy of Dover are given a well-rounded education, students at the Academy of Dover also study Art, Physical Education, Music, and Technology.

The staff consistently seek out new research based teaching techniques in order to diversify their instruction. By carefully disaggregating testing data, teachers are able to focus their areas of instruction to close achievement gaps. Students spend about three hours per day in differentiated small groups for reading, math, and RTI.