Alternative Routes to Certification for Teachers or Administrators

Teacher Preparation Programs

Delaware currently offers multiple alternative pathways for aspiring educators to obtain a teaching license and certification through multiple programs.  This pathway allows you to work full-time as a teacher while working towards certification.  These alternate routes allow prospective educators from all backgrounds, degrees, and levels of experience to pursue their career goals while also taking advantage of valuable opportunities to develop professionally.

There are three main pathways to certification for someone who is either:

  • Seeking a first or initial certification, or
  • A paraprofessional seeking certification, or
  • A currently certified teacher who wishes to add an additional certification

You can find a list of all programs and providers on the Teacher Preparation Programs page on the Department of Education website.

Principal Preparation Program

The University of Delaware’s Principal Preparation Program (PPP) provides aspiring administrators with the knowledge and experience necessary to lead schools across the state.  Blending the research strengths of the UD’s College of Education and Human Services with the practice knowledge and experience of the Delaware Academy for School Leaderships (DASL), students have opportunities to learn from experts in all areas of education.  This selective 18-month certification program provides students with strong practicing mentors throughout the state, includes the DPAS II Bootcamp and Credentialing Assessment, and an innovative curriculum that is focused on examining real-world school-based problems of practice.  Additionally, every graduate of the PPP receives coaching from one of DASL’s leadership specialists during their first year in a school leadership position.  Click here to learn more about the specifics of the UDEL Principal Preparation Program.  Learn More.