Alternative Routes

Delaware currently offers five alternative pathways for aspiring educators to obtain a teaching license and certification and one alternate route to principal certification. These alternate routes allow prospective educators from all backgrounds, degrees, and levels of experience to pursue their career goals while also taking advantage of valuable opportunities to develop professionally.

The Alternative Routes to Certification Program (ARTC)

The Alternative Routes to Certification Program supports Delaware public and charter schools in certain critical needs secondary subject areas and K-12 Music and Art where there is a shortage of certified teachers. Schools may hire individuals to teach a subject in which they already have an appropriate academic degree and then enroll them in ARTC to complete certification requirements at the University of Delaware while they are teaching. Learn More.

Principal Preparation Program

The University of Delaware’s Principal Preparation Program (PPP) provides aspiring administrators with the knowledge and experience necessary to lead schools across the state.  Blending the research strengths of the UD’s College of Education and Human Services with the practice knowledge and experience of the Delaware Academy for School Leaderships (DASL), students have opportunities to learn from experts in all areas of education.  This selective 18-month certification program provides students with strong practicing mentors throughout the state, includes the DPAS II Bootcamp and Credentialing Assessment, and an innovative curriculum that is focused on examining real-world school-based problems of practice.  Additionally, every graduate of the PPP receives coaching from one of DASL’s leadership specialists during their first year in a school leadership position.  Click here to learn more about the specifics of the UDEL Principal Preparation Program.  Learn More.

The Master’s Plus Certification Program

The Master’s Plus Certification Program in Special Education is designed for individuals with non-education college degrees who are currently employed as paraeducators in a Delaware school who want to complete special education certification. The Masters program is completed at the University of Delaware. Learn More.

Delaware MAT & Alternative Route to Certification

Relay Graduate School of Education offers a Master of Arts in Teaching in a variety of subjects including K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  New teachers eligible for state certification may receive alternate route certification upon completion of year one of the MAT program.  Relay currently offers classes in Sussex and New Castle Counties.  Learn more.

Teach For America Program (TFA)

Teach For America (TFA) recruits top college graduates of all majors, military veterans, and working professionals to commit a minimum of two years to teach in low-income urban and rural public schools statewide. Teachers who lead with a clear vision, drive dramatic academic and personal growth through rigor and creativity, and partner with their students, families, and colleagues are in demand in Delaware. Retention is highly valued—we are working toward honoring and developing the profession of teaching through deliberate adaptive leadership and technical skill training, and currently have a 93% retention rate. Corps members and alumni work as educators in charter and district schools statewide. To achieve full certification, they follow advanced degree coursework and paths at Relay Graduate School of Education that are supported by AmeriCorps. Learn More.