Delaware College Preparatory Academy


Delaware College Preparatory Academy, located in Wilmington, Delaware, was founded with a specific mission in mind – to eliminate the achievement gap by providing a high-quality elementary education to urban students.


At Delaware College Prep. Academy we ensure that our kindergarten through fifth grade scholars are prepared to succeed in the most competitive middle and high-schools in the nation.  With a strong educational emphasis on reading, writing, and math within a supportive, caring and disciplined environment.  We offer our Scholars a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain the skills necessary to become the next President, CEO, Doctor, Scientist, Author, Nobel Peace Prize winner,  Astronaut, or Senator.  We provide children with the core academic and behavioral skills they need to pursue their DREAMs – not in middle school, not in high school, but now, in the earliest grades.


Our approach to educational excellence is simple – we do what has been proven to work.  Our model was not created by us.  Instead we studied intensely the highest performing college preparatory elementary schools across the nation and brought that model to Delaware, and it works.  Our Scholars are stronger readers, can compute mathematically at levels above their grade level, are well disciplined, and understand the importance of college.

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